Official Seneca Falls 2020 Calendar!

19th Amendment Celebration!

Help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment!

The beautiful Town of Seneca Falls, New York is recognized nationally as the birthplace of women’s rights.

To honor our rich and empowering history, we’re proud to announce the planning of a year-long celebration that will take place in 2020 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment’s ratification.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, the Town will be working hard to plan a full calendar of exciting events and we invite YOU to be a part of the celebration by joining our “Embracing History” digital wall.

Simply take a “2-0” photo in front of a historical landmark or site in your town and send it to us through the form below. By adding to our digital wall, you’ll become part of an ever-growing gallery with photos from around the world.

With a goal of adding thousands of photos, we hope you’ll not only be part of this historic collective, but encourage others to participate as well. Together, we’ll mark this important date in American history!

Join the Seneca Falls 2020

Digital Wall

1. Find a historical landmark in your town

Whether you want to take your photo in front of a building, monument, statue or just a really cool feature in your town, pick a safe location.

2. Have someone take a "2-0" photo

Form a "0" with your left hand and a "2" with your right hand. Hold them to your heart or even over your head as your photo is taken. Smile! 🙂

3. Submit your photo to our digital wall

Simply share it on our Facebook page and we'll add it to our digital wall for you! You can also upload your photo here using the form below.

Add Your 2020 Photo

It's Fast & Easy!

The race to 20 photos is on! Once we receive 20 photos, the gallery will be published and then updated daily as more photos arrive. Be among the first to join this historic photo collective!

Step 1. Snap Your “2-0” Photo!

Pick a historic site, statue, or monument in your town.

Step 2. Post it to our Facebook Page

We’ll approve it and add it to our wall within a few hours.

Prefer to upload your photo?

In addition to posting your photo via our Facebook page, you can also send your photo direct using our online form.

Let us know where the photo was taken for our location map, upload your photo, and we’ll take it from there!

Your photo will be added to our digital wall (often within a few hours) on normal business days.

We appreciate your participation. Please share and encourage others to join in our photo collective as well!

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2020 Celebration plans are already in motion. Like us on Facebook for updates!